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What I think my dad would say about Trump

Tru Story : January 29, 2017 8:47 pm

Fifteen years ago tomorrow, my mom called to tell us that the ICU nurse said it was time for us to come see my dad.  He’d been in ICU for several days and they were to the point that they didn’t think he would make it.  Hours after my brother and I visited him, a Code Blue was announced over the intercom and people began rushing around.  We knew instantly that it was Dad.  They came in to usher us into another waiting room where we were soon told that they did all they could, but he simply didn’t make it.

My life has never been the same since that day.

I think of my dad every single day, but when things are happening in my life or in the world I often wonder what he would say about it.  My older brother generally comes to the rescue by somehow channeling our Dad (voice and all…it can be a little creepy) and talking me through whatever it is that is on my mind.

I’m sure everyone has the same barrage of ugliness as I do in their Facebook feed these days.  Hot sports opinions on both sides of the election seem to be dominating over everything else and it isn’t slowing down any time soon.

With Trump taking office being the hot topic of the day, I naturally wondered what my dad would have to say about it.  Honestly, I think he would say the same things I’m thinking…

* One of his key phrases was that “this country was built on compromise.”  I know he would be as disappointed as I am in the fact that we’ve lost that.  I pray daily that people can somehow find some middle ground so that peace can once again be felt in this one-of-a-kind country of ours.

*  I think he would tell all of his Republican friends that not all Democrats are whiny and don’t think they have to work for the things they want and need.

*  I think he would tell his Democrat friends that not all Republicans are Bible-beating, hypocritical white supremacists who hate all other races, ethnicities and sexual orientations.

*  I think he would say that more often than not, blanket statements about ANY GROUP OF PEOPLE are harmful and unfair.

*  I think his biggest point would be something he taught us over and over as children and young adults.  If you’re unhappy with the choice America made, speak up.  But, do it in a way that will change the future, not drive a wedge between an already divided population.  He’d say we should raise a generation that respects authority, but knows they have the right to speak up against it.  He’d tell us that the fastest way to be ignored is to sling hateful words and malicious propaganda.  He’d tell us that if we want to save our country, we need to teach future generations that ALL MEN (and women!)  ARE CREATED EQUAL.  And that our right to freedom of speech does NOT give us the right to slander those on the opposing side.  And that goes for BOTH SIDES, friends.

So, let’s have marches to show we’re unhappy.  Let’s protest what we don’t agree with and want to change.  And let’s speak out again things we feel are unjust.  But, always, without question, we should do so with respect and dignity.  And, whatever else we do, we owe it to the world to raise our children to do the same.

I am not among those who were happy to see Trump in the White House, but, I love many people who were.  These are good, honest, loving Americans who were desperate for a change.  They do not hate the way some say they hate.  They do not agree with everything the man has done.  But, they stood up, they voted and they said “We want things to be different.”

I also love many who are crushed at the thought of Trump as the leader of our nation.  These are also good, honest, loving Americans who are generally afraid of the changes to come.  They do not want us to be a nation of closed borders and closed minds.  They do not want their LBGTQ friends and family to be persecuted after so many years of fighting to be open.  And they don’t want a leader who disrespects women, minorities and other groups as openly as Trump has so far.

While I don’t 100% agree with either side, I am able to respect both and truly believe that we can do anything for 4 years.  It will be ugly at times.  (You know…like now)  But, I also think it’s happening for a reason.  This country needed a wake up and this is it.  If you don’t like something, CHANGE IT.  But, also search in your hearts and minds to find a way to have peace with those who disagree with you.

I imagine this peacefulness happening and it’s a beautiful thing.  My dad was an extremely wise and thoughtful man who is missed by many people.  When he taught us that “this country was built on compromise”, he had no idea what this election was going to cause.  But, I know that above all else, he would say to anyone who would listen… compromise is the only way to bring us back together.

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